Energy used to cook UK’s turkeys ‘could power 35,996 EVs for an entire year’

EV infrastructure provider Chargepoint says the power used to get 10 million turkeys on the table could theoretically fuel a Nissan Leaf’s journey to the moon and back 583 times

Zero Waste Christmas Market puts a wrap on unsustainable gifts

The event aims to cater to the 70% of Brits looking to ‘go green’ and reduce their environmental impact

Could wrapping presents get us in a sticky situation?

UK waste collection firm Business Waste suggests sticky tape can pose a real environmental hazard

Editorial – Cracking Christmas at capacity?

Phew, aren’t you glad of time off this Christmas? We certainly are and the team is having a well earned rest for a couple of days, after all we have been working damn hard this year! Here at ELN we have grown and produced more videos and stories than ever before. We have more readers, […]

Editorial – Energy your unappreciated Xmas present…

So it’s time to carve up, unwrap, flop out and in some cases, pass out! Xmas Day is here and so is the end of all that build up and in some cases months of planning. The family arguments, the trekking across the country and the desperate rush for presents. If you are actually reading […]