New plan unveiled to build clean hydrocarbon workforce of the future

Clean Resource Innovation Network will work with five energy-focused young professional (YP) associations to advance the skills, network and career prospects of tens of thousands of YP members from across Canada

‘Sustainability over supply security’ say young workers

Sustainability will replace security of supply as the energy industry’s top priority within the next 20 years as a new wave of greener-thinking professionals enter the sector. That’s according to a new survey conducted by the European Energy Students’ Network (EESN), which suggests energy students and young professionals are a more environmentally conscious generation than […]

Lack of awareness about what energy sector offers

  There’s still a lack of awareness about how much the energy industry has to offer. That’s the view of Jaz Rabadia, Senior Energy Manager at Starbucks, who spoke to a group of students at the Energy Live 2016 conference earlier this month to encourage them to join the industry. She told ELN the sector […]