L’Oreal says landfill gas energy is worth it

Cosmetics giant L’Oreal has announced it is planning to use green gas from landfill sites to provide renewable power to its facilities in the US

Big Zero Report 2022

L’Oreal has announced it is planning to use Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) captured from a landfill site in the US as a source of renewable energy.

The international cosmetics and hair products company will buy the gas, which will largely consist of methane, from a facility at the Big Run landfill in Boyd County, Kentucky.

Landfill gas is created as food and other compostable materials decompose, usually contributing to greenhouse gas emissions – however, it can be captured and treated to create RNG.

The gas will not be used directly by the firm but is to instead be sent into the state’s natural gas grid and be banked in the form of carbon credits against the business’ own operations.

L’Oreal says the deal will help achieve its goal of cutting its net carbon emissions from its US manufacturing and distribution facilities to zero by 2019.

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