UK unveils recycling and waste regulation reforms

The UK government has announced stricter waste regulations to simplify collections and boost recycling rates

Lego drops plan for bricks from recycled bottles

The toy manufacturer has abandoned its project to create bricks from recycled plastic bottles, citing concerns that it would result in higher carbon emissions compared to traditional oil-based plastic

UK troops gear up with recycled armour

A startup has developed a process to recycle end-of-life body armour fibres, allowing UK soldiers to wear recycled gear

Plastic bag use down 98% after 5p charge introduction

There has been a huge drop from the 7.6bn plastic bags sold by the major supermarkets in England in 2014

Councils urge ban on disposable vapes

Councils in England and Wales demand a ban on disposable vapes due to environmental risks

Bin smart: Government cracks down on recycling missteps

The government has advised people to refrain from recycling certain items such as juice cartons, toothpaste tubes, and takeaway boxes as part of a waste management reform

Construction starts at new solar park on former Lincolnshire landfill

The new solar park at Winterton, Lincolnshire is predicted to generate enough energy to power more than 1,300 homes

US sees decline in waste-to-energy capacity since 1994

Electricity generating capacity from energy recovery plants averaged around 2,219MW for 24 years before the fall

Melting roads in 40°C heat! Could waste plastics be the answer?

The CEO of a small company reveals all

bp inks circular plastics deal

The energy giant has partnered with Clean Energy Planet which converts hard-to-recycle waste plastics into circular petrochemical feedstocks