Praise the Lord! Churches save cash by teaming up on energy deals

The church groups use a procurement firm to find the best tariffs

Big Zero Report 2022

Methodist churches are saving on their energy bills thanks to buying their gas and electricity collectively.

The Methodist Energy Basket scheme, set up by procurement firm 2buy2 in 2016, allows them to pool their buying power to get better deals on their energy bills.

The company seeks quotes from multiple energy suppliers before negotiating and selecting the best deals it can find for the buying group. Contracts typically run for two years and stay at a fixed rate for that period.

The Methodist Energy Basket now manages 258 energy meters for 139 churches across the country with a total annual spend of £317,752.

The first Methodist Energy Basket saved 144 churches £57,000 between them.

The scheme also saves time, meaning less volunteer work has to be spent on administrative duties.

Andrew Lennox from St. Bees Methodist Church said: “We started looking at other energy suppliers because we thought there must be a better offer out there somewhere. We hit an obstacle with price comparison sites because ‘church’ isn’t a category.

“2buy2 are primarily for churches and they’re endorsed by the Methodist Church so we went with them. It’s proved great – they’ve kept me up to date with the progress of switching by email and I’m really happy with the savings.”

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