Onshore wind ‘could deliver £1.6bn of savings to UK’

A new report suggests onshore costs are projected to fall below government forecasts for the wholesale electricity price from 2023

Yorkshire Water trial to help consumers reduce bills

Customers ideintified as likely to be paying more for water will be offered to use a meter for two years

Praise the Lord! Churches save cash by teaming up on energy deals

The church groups use a procurement firm to find the best tariffs

MIT: China’s climate policy ‘could more than pay for itself’

The study estimates fewer deaths from air pollution could lead to savings of $339bn in 2030 – four times the cost of meeting China’s climate goals.

‘UK businesses could slash energy spend with small efficiency measures’

Typical small and medium-sized businesses use around 30,000kWh of power each year, costing approximately £5,250

NHS ‘could save millions with energy efficiency cures’

The NHS has the potential to save millions of pounds by improving energy efficiency measures across its estates. That’s according to the NHS Sustainability Campaign, which is calling on the government to support NHS Trusts demonstrating green behaviours and freeing up cash for front-line services. For example, Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust has cut down […]

More than half of North West ‘excelling at efficiency’

More than half of North West England are champions of energy efficiency. That’s according to Electricity North West, the region’s network operator, which conducted a survey of 1,506 people regarding their implementation of energy saving measures at home and general attitudes towards decarbonisation. More than half were labelled as ‘Energy Busting Beths’ – people the […]

Power cable project offered £1m to cut energy waste

Innovate UK has offered a £1 million grant for a project to develop efficient cables to cut costs and reduce emissions from the transmission sector. The new cable technology has been invented by developer Enertechnos, which has been joined by a number of partners including equipment supplier Eland Cables. The project will use the long […]

Siemens and US army start assault on energy waste

Siemens has won a contract to implement energy efficiency measures at a US army base in Germany. The company and the US Army Corp of Engineers signed an Energy Savings Performance Contract (ESPC) worth €7.9 million (£7m) to install, operate and maintain several energy conservation measures at the Installation Management Command (IMCOM) headquarters in Wiesbaden, […]

Carbon savings: Plane sailing or failure to take off?

Making airport ground movements more efficient and introducing more biofuels to the aviation sector could help slash fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. That’s the verdict from a study by Ricardo Energy & Environment for the UK Government, which assesses the cost and impact of a number of potential clean measures for the air travel […]