UK increases public sector greenhouse gas emissions target for 2020

The government expects it to deliver savings worth £340m

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The UK Government has announced a new greenhouse gas emissions reduction target for the public sector of 43% by 2020.

The 10% increase is expected to potentially deliver savings worth £340 million across the public sector estate.

The greenhouse gas target includes emissions from energy, water consumption, lighting, estate management as well as waste.

Business and Energy Secretary Greg Clark’s announcement comes after the sector met its 2020 emissions goal three years early and saved just above £100 million over the last financial year.

Mr Clark said the government will also be publishing guidance on targets for the wider public and higher education sectors.

He added: “Our new, ambitious target for reducing emissions across our central estate shows how this government is continuing to lead the world and rise to the challenge of tackling climate change.

“The potential savings from this can make a big difference across the wider public sector, with the NHS saving £2 billion over the last decade; money that can be put straight back into frontline services where it’s needed most.”

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