UK funds high-res methane data for UN initiative

The UK, through the UK Space Agency, will facilitate the contribution of high-resolution greenhouse gas data to the International Methane Emissions Observatory by GHGSat

Farewell flames: Water cremation makes a splash in the UK

Water cremation will soon be available in the UK

King’s green energy firm probed over ‘gas leak’

JV Energen, an energy firm majority-owned by the Duchy of Cornwall, has been investigated for breaches after a “significant unauthorised leak of global-heating gases lasting 38 days”

UK to give methane suppressants to dairy cows for net zero

Ministers plan to mandate the use of methane suppressants in compound feeds for cattle to reduce emissions from cows and other farm animals

Europe urged to clamp down on growing greenhouse gases black market

Illegal hydrofluorocarbons smuggled into the EU amount to nearly 30% of the legal trade, according to the Environmental Investigation Agency

Global greenhouse gases ‘hit the highest point ever in 2020’

Lockdowns and slower economic activity did not succeed in limiting the total concentration of gases in the Earth’s atmosphere, a global review has found

New £30m large-scale UK trial to remove greenhouse gases begins

One of the projects will investigate the management of peatlands to maximise their removal of greenhouse gas emissions

Methane emissions ‘could be slashed by 45% this decade to keep temperature rise to 1.5°C’

Governments need to focus their efforts on three sectors, fossil fuels, waste and agriculture, a UN report warns

Methane reduction technologies offered $35m US funding

Projects that can be replicated easily and commercialised quickly to cut methane accumulation in the atmosphere and mitigate the effects of climate change will be supported

Netflix commits to achieving net zero emissions by 2022

It has pledged to reduce its Scope 1 and 2 emissions by 45% by 2030 under the guidance of the Science-Based Targets Initiative and invest in the regeneration of critical natural ecosystems