The Co-op
The Co-op commits to halving direct emissions by 2025

The announcement comes after it reached a previous carbon goal three years ahead of schedule

Carbon dioxide emissions
New $1.5m project to advance CCS technologies gets the go-ahead

The scheme aims to evaluate various approaches to developing ways to catch greenhouse gases in order to mitigate climate change

Ryanair ‘now one of top 10 carbon emitters in Europe’

A new report claims Europe has failed to implement effective measures to control the emissions growth of the aviation sector

UK carbon emissions ‘at lowest level since 1890s’

In 2018, total UK greenhouse gas emissions totalled 364.1 million tonnes, 2.5% lower than in the previous year

Decarbonising heat ‘requires an almost immediate start’

The Energy Technologies Institute has now published the outcomes from the first phase of its Smart Systems and Heat programme

Carbon dioxide emissions
UK’s carbon emissions continue to fall

In 2018, the nation’s greenhouse gas output dropped for the sixth consecutive year

Flying plane
Leading airlines could miss the runway for climate change

A new report suggests many aviation businesses are not aligned with international climate change obligations

Chimney emissions
Atmospheric carbon dioxide levels ‘to soar through 2019’

The Met Office has predicted a rise in carbon dioxide concentration of 2.75 parts per million

It’s concrete – cement is responsible for 8% of global emissions

If the cement industry were a country, it would be the third largest emitter in the world

Cities ‘must beef up action against climate change’

A new report says the climate impact of beef could be cut by 60% if cities co-operate to change global supply chains