EU: VW hasn’t guaranteed emissions fix won’t affect cars’ performance

The car manufacturer is being urged to do more to compensate European customers

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Volkswagen has failed to ensure the repairs to cars following the emissions scandal won’t affect their performance.

The European Commission said while it has seen “positive developments” so far, the company has “refused to simplify the conditions giving access to the Trust Building Measure”.

Under the measure, it has committed to responding to all complaints that consumers may have after the repair, however, the EU said the company hasn’t given a “full and clear guarantee” – its de facto guarantee related to the Trust Building Measure is limited to 11 parts of the engine.

It is pressuring Volkswagen to do more to compensate European customers, improve information provided to consumers on the repairs and fix any problems that arise after the repairs.

The car manufacturer has so far recalled around 8.5 million vehicles in the EU, with the rate of repair reaching 80%.

The Commission is encouraging consumers to contact their local dealers if they have any problems related to the update. In case they are denied assistance, they are advised to lodge a formal complaint with the Volkswagen national contact points for the recall and can inform their national consumer organisation.

Vera Jourová, Commissioner for Justice, Consumers and Gender Equality, said: “We have worked hard to make VW more proactive with EU consumers affected by the dieselgate scandal. VW fulfilled the action plan they promised to me but that was all. This is again a reminder of the need for stronger rules on individual redress in the EU, including collective actions.”

ELN has contacted Volkswagen for a statement.

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