What a class act! EV charging supplier upgrades schools with free kit

Pod Point aims to encourage the adoption of low carbon transport and the reduction of harmful emissions

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Electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure provider Pod Point is offering 30 primary schools in highly polluted areas a free charging point.

The firm aims to raise awareness of the benefits of transitioning to EVs, both in terms of how they can be used to fight air pollution in crowded urban areas such as London and also by reducing greenhouse gas emissions associated with climate change.

The campaign also strives to educate young people about the potential of EV technologies to transform travel and energy systems by paving the way for driverless cars and smart management systems – the company’s in-house experts are visiting schools across the UK.

More of the charging points, which are worth more than £1,000 each, could be rolled out further if there is clear demand.

Erik Fairbairn, Pod Point CEO and Founder, said: “With Electric Schools, we’re aiming to both improve local air quality for children and help educate the next generation on the importance of clean air and tackling climate change.

“We also want to make young people excited about EVs and how the technology has the potential to impact all of our lives.”

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