Germany injects €89m into hydrogen project at oil refinery

The 30MW electrolysis plant will produce green hydrogen from offshore wind energy

A hydrogen project at an oil refinery in Hamburg has been greenlighted and funded by the German Government.

The scheme is considered to be ‘Germany’s first’ hydrogen project to be funded under the national hydrogen strategy plan.

A consortium, including the German units of the French utility EDF, cement maker Holcim, Danish wind company Ørsted and industrial supplier thyssenkrupp will be responsible for its development.

The 30MW electrolysis plant is backed with €30 million (£26.9m) from the German Ministry of Economic Affairs and €59 million (£53m) from the group of ten partners.

The plan is to produce green hydrogen from offshore wind energy, transport it in the gas network and use it in industrial processes.

The coalition also expects this project could trigger further innovations in future hydrogen technology.

Jürgen Wollschläger, Managing Director of the Heide refinery and coordinator of the project, said: “We understand the energy transition across sectors. By pulling industry, science and politics together, our vision will become a reality.”

“Green hydrogen has become a key element of the energy transition in Germany.”

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