Moray Est
Moray East Wind Farm under scrutiny for £647m revenue

The Moray East wind farm in Scotland has come under scrutiny, with allegations of exploiting a loophole and receiving payments for non-production

‘UK solar panels preferred over wind farms locally’

More people are content with the prospect of solar panel farms in their local areas compared to onshore wind farms, according to a new government survey

Shetland port gears up for massive wind farm partnership

Lerwick Port Authority and Irish utility ESB have inked an agreement to collaborate on a 500MW offshore wind project near Shetland, focusing on port solutions and operations

Octopus powers up with major wind farm investment

Octopus Energy Generation has invested in the giant Borssele III & IV wind farm in the Dutch North Sea, featuring the largest turbines in the company’s portfolio

‘UK offshore wind farms delayed amidst renewables auction fallout’

UK offshore wind farm developers are reportedly postponing non-essential work on projects due to a failed government renewables auction

Birds vs wind turbines: Who’s winning?

Utilising AI technology, a new project at the Aberdeen Bay Offshore Wind Farm aims to track the flight behaviour of seabirds, shedding light on bird interactions with offshore wind turbines

UK lifts onshore wind ban

The new measures will make it easier to find suitable locations for onshore wind farms by involving communities and speeding up site allocation through different local planning processes

Is the ban on new onshore wind set to be blown away?

The Prime Minister is reportedly set to reverse an onshore wind farm ban amid Tory MPs pressure

EDF snaps up wind power from Scottish onshore wind

Energy giant EDF has sealed a deal with Brockwell Energy, securing power from the upcoming North Kyle onshore wind farm in East Ayrshire, Scotland

Final turbine installed at onshore wind farm in Shetland

Upon completion, Viking Wind Farm is set to become the UK’s most productive onshore wind farm, generating renewable energy for hundreds of thousands of homes