Norway announces two new offshore areas for CO2 storage

They include one in the North Sea and the other in the Barents Sea, with interest already expressed by industry players

The Big Zero report

Norway’s Ministry of Petroleum and Energy has announced two new areas related to the injection and storage of CO2 on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.

The ministry made the announcement after being approached by several industry players to allocate two specific areas they consider suitable for CO2 storage – one in the North Sea and the other in the Barents Sea.

Applications for projects can be submitted until 9th December 2021, with areas to be allocated to companies that have the necessary expertise and have developed “industrially good and profitable” projects in accordance with storage regulations.

Tina Bru, Minister of Petroleum and Energy said: “Capture and storage of CO2 is an area where Norway has a unique opportunity to really make a difference on the way to a global low emission society. Norway have unique experience and expertise from the Sleipner- and Snøhvit – fields and not least the test centre at Mongstad.

“We are building on this through the Longship project. With today’s announcement, we are facilitating more Norwegian projects for CO2 management.”

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