UK faces ‘significant risk’ of gas shortage this winter, says energy regulator

“Sensible” contingency measures have been put in place to deal with the worst-case scenario, Ofgem has said

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Britain could be hit by a gas supply emergency in the coming months, the energy regulator has warned.

In a letter, Ofgem spoke of the possibility of “gas supply emergency” measures to help preserve UK’s gas reserves.

A gas supply emergency is declared when companies do not have enough gas to offer to homes and businesses.

This could mean that some industries, including energy-intensive ones, might be asked to stop using gas for a specific period of time.

An Ofgem spokesperson told ELN: “This winter is likely to be more challenging than previous ones due to the Russian disruption of gas supplies to Europe.

Britain is in a good position with little direct import of gas from Russia; our own domestic gas production; reliable supplies from Norway; and the second-largest port capacity in Europe to import liquified gas.

“Nevertheless, we need to be prepared for all scenarios this winter. As a result, Ofgem is putting in place sensible contingency measures with National Grid ESO and GSO as well as the government to ensure that the UK energy system is fully prepared for this winter.”

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