Is the UK mulling plan to cut pipelines to EU in a gas supply emergency scenario?

National Grid may reportedly cut off pipelines to the Netherlands and Belgium if the UK is hit by extreme shortages

Europe brings forward new gas storage rules ahead of looming winter shortage

Under the new rules, the EU states will ensure their gas storage facilities are filled before winter

“Gas and energy are used as weapon against Germany”

The German Vice-Chancellor has said “gas is now a scarce commodity” in the country

Centrica files application to reopen ‘Britain’s biggest’ gas storage site

The Rough site has the capacity to store enough to cover the UK’s needs for ten days

Danish offshore wind giant rejects demand for payments in roubles

Ørsted has said there is a risk that Gazprom Export will stop supplying gas to the company

Will Qatar become the UK’s gas ‘supplier of last resort’?

UK ministers are reportedly seeking a long-term gas supply deal with Qatar

Energy crisis will bring social unrest, global investment firm warns

Blackstone’s Chief Executive said that a real shortage of energy could cost a lot more than expected

Gas shortage scenarios ‘examined’ to keep homes and hospitals warm this winter

The government and energy bosses are reportedly looking at contingency plans in a bid to find solutions to potential gas shortages

Draft EU rules to prevent gas supply crises agreed

The European Parliament and Council have reached an informal agreement on new regulations which aim to prevent gas supply crises. Under the rules, an EU country facing an emergency gas shortage will be able to alert another member state and trigger cross-border assistance. The draft agreement establishes four “risk groups” of member states to serve […]