“EU could face 30bcm gas shortage next year”

Next year countries may see more energy challenges, a new IEA analysis has found

Europe faces gas shortage next winter, says EU chief

Ursula von der Leyen has said European countries are likely to fall short of 30 billion cubic metres of gas next year

Rough reopens amid winter blackout fears

The storage site will run at 20% capacity

Disruption unlikely but possible this winter, says Grid

Under a “highly unlikely” scenario of a gas shortage in Britain, there will be disruption in customers’ energy supplies, the National Grid ESO has said

Second part of National Grid’s gas emergency exercise takes place today

The exercise aims to test the management of an emerging gas supply shortage

UK faces ‘significant risk’ of gas shortage this winter, says energy regulator

“Sensible” contingency measures have been put in place to deal with the worst-case scenario, Ofgem has said

“Industrial users expect to be rationed this winter”

Energy experts have warned that energy rationing is “very possible” for the UK

Gazprom: “ENGIE failed to pay for July supplies in full”

Gazprom Export has not allegedly received the full payment of the gas which had been supplied to ENGIE last month

Europe could face several winters of gas shortage, says Shell boss

Ben van Beurden has said countries could tackle the energy crisis through efficiency savings, rationing and other alternatives

Gazprom to suspend gas supplies via Nord Stream 1 tomorrow

The energy giant has said the pipeline’s only remaining compressor needs servicing and will be offline until 2nd September