Octopus’ new scheme: Paid to use electricity

During the initial launch of the scheme, nearly 16,000 customers were granted energy credits, with a subset receiving free electricity amounting to as much as £17

Octopus Energy‘s latest initiative, known as ‘Power-ups,’ has resulted in numerous customers benefitting from complimentary electricity.

The scheme encouraged participants to use electricity during a designated two-hour timeframe.

Almost 16,000 customers were rewarded with energy credits, and some fortunate individuals received free electricity valued at up to £17.

Additionally, the top 5% of participants were rewarded with at least £4.80 in benefits.

Octopus Energy has partnered with UK Power Networks to introduce the ‘Power-ups’ programme.

Households enrolled in the ‘Power-ups’ scheme receive advance notifications, alerting them to periods when they can activate these power boosts.

During these designated intervals, participants have the opportunity to benefit from cost-free electricity.

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