Solar and wind to make up almost 70% of new US utility-scale capacity in 2021

An estimated 15.4GW of utility-scale solar capacity is forecast to be added to the grid in the new year, surpassing the 12GW increase in 2020

National Grid ESO hails 2020 as the greenest year ever for Britain’s electricity

The country was powered coal-free for around 5,147 hours last year, compared with 3,666 hours in 2019

Pakistan suffers massive nationwide blackout leaving millions of people in the dark

The power cut lasted more than 15 hours, affecting large cities including Islamabad, Lahore and Multan

Guest Blog: Vilnis Vesma – 50 ways to waste energy

Your fellow subscriber Vilnis Vesma wrote the following for a group of energy champions that he had been training. It was intended as a light-hearted “sideways look” at the subject, and never intended to be shared more widely, but he later learned that they had been using it as a behaviour-change aid.

Almost nine-in-ten Germans support ‘greater use of renewable energy’

More than half of German citizens believe that greater use of renewables could strengthen the regional economy, according to a new survey

Scientists develop material that harvests human sweat to power electronic devices

The novel film absorbs moisture from the sweat and working as an electrolyte turns it into energy

Octopus Energy partners with Tokyo Gas to enter the Asian market

The British startup will launch a joint venture with Tokyo Gas, which will buy a 9.7% stake in Octopus Energy for $200 million

Nearly 5.5m customers switch supplier so far in 2020

The annual figure for electricity switching is down 6.5%, compared to last year, according to a new report

Hackers attack People’s Energy’s customer database

The attack has reportedly affected 270,000 customers

Underwater cable being laid
Undersea electricity cable linking Western Australia and Tasmania secures AUD$93m grant

A 1,500MW undersea electricity cable will connect Burnie in North West Tasmania and the Latrobe Valley in Victoria