Who pays? Octopus boss reveals challenge for social tariffs

Octopus Energy’s Chief Executive Officer has underscored the urgent need to find viable ways of aiding vulnerable customers this winter

Greg Jackson, the Chief Executive Officer of Octopus Energy, has emphasised the difficulties associated with implementing a social tariff, a mechanism designed to provide financial relief to those most in need.

“The challenge with the social tariff is no one can agree on how to pay for it,” Mr Jackson admitted, in a recent interview on BBC Radio 4’s “World at One” show.

While the concept of a social tariff holds promise for supporting vulnerable energy users, the practical aspects of financing this initiative present a complex hurdle.

The boss of Octopus acknowledged the harsh reality that “vulnerable customers are the ones that suffer most from these high energy prices.”

As energy costs continue to rise, those who are already financially strained bear the brunt of the burden.

Mr Jackson stressed the need for effective strategies to alleviate this situation and support those most at risk.

Jackson’s viewpoint embraces the potential of a “social tariff which is definitely worth looking at, as are other forms of support.”

Greg Jackson has also recognised the value of exploring various methods to assist vulnerable customers this winter.

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