EDF reports 52% rise in customers with unresolved debt

The energy supplier has urged the government and Ofgem to protect households from escalating debt costs

‘Cold UK homes threaten worker productivity’

As homeowners opt to keep heating off to save on energy costs, millions of working hours are expected to be lost this winter, according to a report

Energy UK raises concerns over lack of winter energy bill support

Energy UK’s Chief Executive Emma Pinchbeck has urged the government to consider targeted support for those in need this winter

Water park freezes over high energy costs

Alpamare Water Park in Scarborough has closed for the winter due to soaring energy costs

Businesses urged to stay vigilant amid unstable energy market

The energy market has become increasingly volatile, prompting energy experts to advise businesses to stay alert and consider greener energy options

British Gas grants help with energy bills

British Gas is providing financial assistance to households facing difficulties with their energy expenses by offering grants

Ofgem price cap takes effect

Experts have cautioned about the ongoing struggle of managing high costs during the approaching winter months

Call for social tariff grows stronger

A coalition of more than 140 organisations and MPs is demanding a government consultation on a social tariff

Energy supplier unveils ‘UK’s cheapest fixed energy tariff’

Utility Warehouse has launched ‘Fixed Saver 7,’ offering customers the chance to fix their energy bills at £1,775 until November 2024, £59 below the October price cap

SSE launches £15m fund to aid businesses with rising energy bills

Eligible recipients include those on fixed-term contracts from August to December 2022, registered charitable businesses and domestic-like premises on non-domestic contracts