Prescription for warm homes: NHS trial heats up energy efficiency

A new scheme aided vulnerable and low income individuals in Aberdeen, Middlesbrough, Gloucestershire, and London

Fury as flagship floating windfarm project flops in UK auction

Concerns arise in Wales as the flagship offshore wind project, Erebus, fails to secure contracts in the UK government’s renewable energy auction

Octopus’ offshore wind tentacles reach Norway, Sweden and South Korea

As part of its ambitious plan to generate 10GW of offshore wind energy by 2032, Octopus Energy has invested in developer Deep Wind Offshore

MPs set to grill energy suppliers over looming winter energy crisis

Executives of Centrica, EDF and E.ON will face questions about energy bill challenges and their commitment to customers

OVO urges ministers to drop standing charges and implement social tariff

Nearly 72% of the UK public finds the standing charge unfair, with 76% supporting the idea that vulnerable households should be exempt from it, according to a survey

Call for £400 energy rebate to support struggling households

The government has been urged to reintroduce a £400 energy bill rebate to help UK households cope with rising energy costs and the increased cost of living

Scotland’s energy plan: ‘Lack of detail’ sparks call to action

A renewable energy trade body has demanded a clear plan for Energy and Just Transition to maximise Scotland’s green energy potential

Marine pipeline to turbocharge Scotland’s green hydrogen exports

New research finds that Scotland’s Hydrogen Backbone Link could “revolutionise” its green hydrogen exports, creating thousands of jobs

Tesla’s electric gift: Free EV charging

The company celebrates a decade of “superchargers” in Europe with a day of free nationwide EV charging for all electric car owners

Who pays? Octopus boss reveals challenge for social tariffs

Octopus Energy’s Chief Executive Officer has underscored the urgent need to find viable ways of aiding vulnerable customers this winter