Long-term loans could help energy suppliers survive, say experts

Banks and energy firms should help finance a freeze on household energy bills, according to a think tank

UK’s ‘energy crisis hotspots’ revealed as new price cap estimates kick in

Cornwall Insight analysts have predicted that a typical household will pay £3,554 for its annual energy bills in October

Industry calls for government-backed loans to ease energy bill pain

A leading trade association has urged the government to launch a deficit tariff scheme that will enable suppliers to keep bills down throughout 2023

Nearly two-thirds of households could be plunged into fuel poverty by January

Northern Ireland is predicted to be the region hardest-hit by fuel poverty, according to a report

Businesses likely to see energy bills increase fivefold in October

New analysis suggests higher energy costs could force more business closures that would cripple the economy

Growing number of people support “consumer strike on energy bills”

Money Saving Expert Founder has said the UK is heading for a “national financial cataclysm”

Energy bills will be higher than previous estimates, admits Ofgem boss

Jonathan Brearley has said the impact of the Russian invasion of Ukraine has driven prices even higher

Analysts set winter price cap estimates again on fire!

Just a month away from the announcement of the October price cap, uncertainty in the energy market soars