Good Energy: “Brits misled by heat pump myths”

Nearly 25% of Brits think that “heat pumps are less efficient than gas boilers”, according to a survey

Nearly 25% of Britons believe the statement that “heat pumps are less efficient than gas boilers”.

That’s according to a survey by Good Energy, which found that almost 24% of respondents think that “running a heat pump costs more than a gas boiler.”

Another 23% believed the claim that “a heat pump is louder than a fridge.”

Additionally, 20% agreed with the statement that “heat pumps only work in newer homes”, according to the poll.

Furthermore, 15% of respondents were under the impression that “heat pumps don’t work in the cold,” and an additional 15% believed the assertion that “heat pumps require underfloor heating.”

Good Energy Chief Executive Nigel Pocklington said: “For some unfathomable reason, heat pumps have found themselves in the front line of the culture war, with the truth, as ever, becoming an early casualty.

“The constant flow of misinformation from media with poor journalistic standards, an absence of reputable data or the fingerprints of lobbyists all over them, means that the overall level of public understanding has fallen.

“The best antidote to this is to keep pointing towards fact-based research and data, and we will continue to do that.”

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