Local leaders concerned over UK clean heat policy

Local leaders have raised concerns about plans to drop the Clean Heat Market Mechanism, fearing it could harm climate efforts and industry investment

Speculation mounts over Climate minister’s resignation

Amidst government discussions on reversing the proposed ‘boiler tax’, Climate minister Graham Stuart faces speculation about resigning

Gas boiler manufacturers eye over £100m in price increases

Top gas boiler manufacturers could earn over £100 million by increasing prices by an average of £110 per boiler to cover penalties for not meeting heat pump sales targets, according to a report

Concerns rise over potential withdrawal of Clean Heat Mechanism

The Association for Decentralised Energy has expressed concern over recent reports indicating a potential withdrawal of the Clean Heat Mechanism by the government

‘UK’s largest’ water-source heat network unveiled

A sustainable garden village in Hampshire, plans the UK’s largest water-source low carbon heating and cooling network

Head of UK’s heat pump drive ‘still uses gas at home’

Despite leading the push for households to adopt heat pumps in the UK, the Minister for Energy Efficiency and Green Finance, Lord Callanan, reportedly admitted to still using a gas boiler in his own home

Boiler manufacturers to spike gas installation costs

Leading boiler manufacturers are reportedly increasing gas boiler installation costs due to anticipated fines for not meeting government heat pump targets

Nearly 65% of Brits opt to lower heating amid rising energy costs

Significant portion of Brits are contemplating or have already chosen to reduce heating this January, with 7% opting to turn it off completely, according to a survey

UK boiler prices to rise with clean heat market changes

The impending Clean Heat Market Mechanism from April raises concerns as manufacturers announce boiler price increases

‘Social homes 14% less energy efficient’

UK social homes are, on average, 14% less energy efficient than their potential, leading to increased winter heating costs for tenants, according to new study