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Energy chief calls for reforms to achieve UK green targets

Scottish Power's CEO calls for urgent reforms to address planning delays and skills shortages hindering the UK's energy transition

The Chief Executive of ScottishPower has called for urgent reforms to address the practical and bureaucratic issues hindering the UK’s transition to green energy.

Keith Anderson, also a Prime Minister’s Business Council member, highlighted problems such as skills shortages and lengthy planning and procurement processes.

These issues, he said, are slowing down the development of key projects, including hydrogen plants and electricity cables.

In an interview with the Financial Times, Mr Anderson expressed frustration at the lack of progress, stating that despite numerous reviews and conversations, nothing had changed in terms of processes or speed.

He emphasised the need for the government to act decisively and make changes that do not necessarily require additional funding, such as reforming the planning system.

ScottishPower, a subsidiary of Spanish energy company Iberdrola, operates wind turbines, electricity grids and solar panels across the UK, supplying energy to approximately 4.6 million households.

Mr Anderson believes the UK has a significant opportunity in clean energy and needs to accelerate its efforts.

The UK is committed to reducing its emissions to net zero by 2050, with an interim goal of decarbonising the electricity system by 2035.

The opposition Labour Party aims to achieve this by 2030.

Both targets require substantial increases in renewable power generation.

A Conservative party spokesman defended the government’s record, citing a substantial increase in renewable energy connected to the grid since 2010 and significant investments in the energy industry.

Labour expressed confidence in its plans, noting the endorsement of its target by former chief scientific adviser Sir Patrick Vallance.

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