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Labour pledges lower energy bills for Scotland

Labour’s Shadow Chancellor, will discuss Labour’s plans for green energy investment in Scotland - the proposals include job creation, reduced energy bills and the establishment of a publicly owned energy company

Rachel Reeves, the Shadow Chancellor for the Labour Party, will outline Labour’s proposed green investment plans during a visit to a Scottish wind farm on Monday.

Accompanied by Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar, she will present the expected economic benefits of these plans, which include lower energy bills and the creation of 53,000 jobs.

Labour’s Warm Homes Plan aims to reduce energy costs by investing in affordable, clean energy sources and improving home energy efficiency.

The plan proposes to invest £6.6 billion across the UK in the next parliamentary term, potentially generating 16,000 jobs in Scotland.

In addition, Labour pledges to establish a publicly owned GB Energy company based in Scotland, with an initial capital investment of £8.3 billion.

The party claims this will result in 69,000 new green jobs in Scotland.

On the other hand, in their manifesto, the Conservatives propose a pragmatic and proportionate approach to energy policy.

They pledge to ensure green levies on household energy bills are lower each year compared to 2023, with no new levies introduced.

The party commits to maintaining the energy price cap and promises to review and reform standing charges.

They advocate for more efficient local electricity markets and seek “democratic consent” for onshore wind projects.

Additionally, they support solar energy development, emphasising its placement in appropriate locations rather than on agricultural land.

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