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Hinkley Point C prepares to install the heart of the power station

Hinkley Point C is preparing to install its first nuclear reactor, steam generators and the "world's largest" turbine

Hinkley Point C has released a new video update detailing the ongoing preparations for installing the “heart” of the new nuclear power station.

Following last year’s successful “Dome Lift,” which saw the reactor building roof put in place, the video highlights the next phase: the installation of the first nuclear reactor, the steam generators and the world’s largest turbine.

Presented by Hinkley Point C’s nuclear island director, Simon Parsons, the video provides a behind-the-scenes look at the efforts of around 12,000 workers who are building and fitting out the power station.

Viewers are shown the final stages of the tunnels, extending miles beneath the seabed, which will supply cooling water to the station.

The film also showcases the installation of miles of cables, pipes, and equipment, as well as the 50-metre-tall Turbine Hall that will house the Arabelle turbine.

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