Guest Blog: Nick Boyle – Solar and Storage – So Close We Can Almost Taste It

The CEO of Lightsource says while solar and storage won’t be a good fit for every single site, it is a viable solution for some businesses

Guest Blog: Julie Plunkett – Excess Capacity Charge

Important announcement for all companies with half hour and half hourly settled meters As of the 1st of April, 2018, if you exceed your available capacity that is set with the DNO you will face penalties. Historically, companies would be charged for their agreed capacity cost for excess capacity used -however this will change with […]

Guest Blog: Scott Birley – The changing role of energy consultants

Since the advent of carbon taxes and levies, energy consultants have evolved from being aggressive telemarketing operations, (not much different from telecoms), to being providers of highly specialised professional advisory services. Due to the impact energy production and consumption has on our environment, it is not simply enough for commercial consumers to tender and procure […]

Guest Blog: Nick Boyle – UK Solar Market – Light at the End of the Sleeve?

It’s the question on everyone’s lips at the moment (everyone in solar circles, anyway) – are we finally reaching the point where solar can be developed to be competitive with the grid, providing an unsubsidised renewable power supply for corporate customers? Can additional renewables compete with the secondary market of subsidised assets? Well, it might […]

Guest Blog: Christopher Trigg – Excess Capacity Charge Changes

As we approach the end of summer many of us are starting to think about our energy bills across the colder months. And its not just the inclement weather that will impact our bills. DCP161 is a new measure introduced by Ofgem from 1st April 2018 to ensure that half-hourly (HH) supplies that exceed their […]

Guest Blog: Scott Birley – Nuclear Power – is it renewable energy?

Everyone has their own requirements and thoughts on why they want, or need, to embrace a renewable or sustainable future (however defined!). This can be driven by their supplier chain requirements, ESOS compliance, or just a desire to have a lesser carbon footprint, among other things. Only this morning, I was asked to provide renewable-only […]

Guest Blog: Nick Boyle – The Building Blocks of a Successful PPA

Everyone’s pretty au fait with the general shape of a PPA – renewable developer meets end user, and both live happily ever after with a mutually beneficial purchase agreement – but for many people the rest of the details are a little hazy. There’s a lot more to a PPA than just settling on a […]

Guest Blog: Julie Plunkett – Consumers due to save billions, thanks to energy reduction

Smarter Flexible Grid Customers in the UK could save billions of pounds thanks to major changes in the way electricity is made, used and stored, the government has said. The rate that householders and businesses pay for their electricity varies throughout the time of day and year depending on their consumption in various periods, especially […]

Guest Blog: Christopher Trigg – Common misconceptions about on-site renewables

Installing on-site renewable generation is too expensive, right? And hasn’t the government cut all subsidies in recent years? And they probably wouldn’t work for my business, would they? There are many common misconceptions about on-site renewable generation that work against delivering the UK’s 2020 carbon reduction targets. Today, buildings account for around 30% of the […]

Guest Blog: Steve Holliday – An energy Brexit cannot mean going it alone

No one in the energy world will be surprised the Energy Institute’s new 2017 Energy Barometer ranks Brexit among the most pressing concerns of professionals working in our industry – but what’s of great value is the clear message that it sends to the new government as it navigates Brexit. The results point to four […]