UK seeks 53.8GW of power in auction for 2017/18

The government aims to secure 53.8GW of electricity in January next year to ensure there is enough power when demand is high during winter 2017/18. Under the Capacity Market, power plant owners are paid to provide electricity at short notice especially when demand increases. Two capacity auctions and the second Transitional Arrangements auction, which supports […]

Energy firms provided misleading information for power auction

Ofgem has announced two energy firms provided inaccurate information when applying for its capacity auction. Adret and Berangere, subsidiaries of GF Energy, falsely claimed they had already secured planning consent for all of their generating units during the Capacity Market auction last year. Berangere, which secured contracts for three generating units, did not have planning consent […]

Editorial – Cracking Christmas at capacity?

Phew, aren’t you glad of time off this Christmas? We certainly are and the team is having a well earned rest for a couple of days, after all we have been working damn hard this year! Here at ELN we have grown and produced more videos and stories than ever before. We have more readers, […]

Mixed verdicts on capacity auction

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Energy auction price “lower than expected”

The first ever “reverse” auction for British electricity capacity closed yesterday, bagging a price which the government said was lower than expected. Fifty companies will be paid £19.40 per kilowatt a year to have power available in the year 2018-19. Energy Secretary Ed Davey said this is “fantastic news” and gets the “best” out of existing […]

Ofgem eyes whether “false” information was given ahead of key energy auction

The energy regulator is checking whether an energy company gave “false or misleading information” to the National Grid ahead of today’s important capacity auction. Ofgem announced it is investigating whether a Solihull-based company, UK Capacity Reserve (UKCR), breached the rules. The watchdog took care to make clear this “does not imply” it has already found evidence […]

Coal, gas, nuclear plants jostle for capacity auction cash

Large coal power plants as well as gas and nuclear have joined the queue for the capacity auction which will hand out cash on December. The revelation has stoked concerns raised over the summer that coal will edge out gas power. The capacity auction is meant to encourage investment in “cleaner” gas power, with the pre-Christmas auction lining […]

15 year deals for new gas in capacity market

Final details of how power plants including new and existing gas ones will be paid to have power on standby were brought out by DECC yesterday. Called the “capacity market”, it will operate alongside the existing electricity market and agreements between government and plant owners will be decided four years ahead of the year capacity […]