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Capacity Market suspension: What you should know

The government said the decision ‘poses no issues for our security of supply’ and is working to reinstate it ‘as soon as possible’

UK must halt Capacity Market payments after EU Court ruling

The European Court of Justice has suspended the scheme which means the UK cannot hold any auctions either until it receives clearance

Fluence to deliver 120MW of battery storage for UK Power Reserve

It is believed to be the largest contracted energy storage portfolio transaction

UK seeks views on performance of Capacity Market

The scheme provides payments to generators for making capacity available or reducing demand when required to do so

New partnership offers demand side response in Europe

An energy efficiency and renewable firm has partnered with Flexitricity for demand side response (DSR) services in the UK and across Europe. The latter firm will provide DSR services to Ameresco’s industrial and commercial customers, which will include short term operating reserve, capacity market, triad avoidance and demand turn-up. Under DSR schemes, consumers are rewarded […]

Gas and nuclear lead in UK power capacity auction

Britain has secured 50.41GW of backup electricity capacity for delivery in 2021/22. A total of 74.24GW entered the Capacity Market auction – which pays power plant operators to make backup electricity available at short notice – out of which 67.9% were successful. Gas power plants accounted for the lion’s share of the agreements at 29.6GW, […]

Eggborough coal plant to close with 130 job losses

The Eggborough coal-fired power station in Yorkshire is to shut down after failing to secure new supply contracts for backup power next winter. The plant, which started producing electricity in 1970, is capable of supplying 5% of power in the UK – enough electricity for two million homes. Owner Eggborough Power Ltd, which has a […]

KiWi’s Opinion on the Generation Report

We are less than two weeks away from the next Capacity Market auction, and the industry nervously awaits the results. It’s clear that so far, the market hasn’t provided the stability that it promised: prices have been all over the place: last year saw three auctions (T-4, EA and TA) clear at prices ranging from […]

Upcoming auctions to see nearly 7GW of battery storage

Several gigawatts of battery storage capacity have pre-qualified for Capacity Market auctions for both next winter (T1) and for four years (T4) in the future. National Grid confirmed the T1 auction in January will see more than 2.1GW of batteries competing for contracts next winter, when they will be used to ensure security of supply […]