Mumbai to become South Asia’s first net zero city

It has set an aim that is 20 years’ more ambitious than the whole of India – aiming for net zero by 2050

City buildings ‘on track to meet negative emissions carbon targets’

Commercial buildings at Square Mile are the largest contributors to carbon emissions, according to new research

‘Top companies overestimate climate progress’

A new report alleges that some of the world’s largest businesses exaggerate their climate aims and net zero pledges

Vancouver becomes first city to endorse Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty

The Treaty aims to foster international co-operation to end expansion into new reserves of coal, oil and natural gas to limit carbon emissions and advance an equitable transition to clean energy

London and Frankfurt come on top as most eco-friendly cities to work in

A new study measures the environmental impact of cities across the globe, ahead of the 50th Earth Day

Chicago leads US in energy-efficient office space

Chicago’s percentage of certified green office space increased to 71.1% in 2019, up from nearly 70% last year

Leading businesses team up with London Mayor to go green

The London Business Climate Leaders aim to make the capital the world’s most sustainable city

UK must boost resilience in the face of energy digitalisation

As it becomes increasingly digitalised, the UK has been urged to up its cyber defences to ensure its energy resilience in the future

Innovators wanted to tackle food-water-energy nexus

A new competition is looking for solutions to the food-water-energy nexus. The aim of Belmont Forum and Joint Planning Initiative Urban Europe’s project is to bring together research and innovation from around the world to solve food shortage, water scarcity and energy resource issues in cities. Called the Sustainable Urban Global Initiative/Food-Water-Energy Nexus, it is […]

Mayor of London doubles air quality funding

The Major of London has said he will double funding to improve London’s air quality. Sadiq Khan announced £875 million of spending over the next five years ahead of the draft publication of Transport for London’s (TfL) business plan later this week. That’s an increase from £425 million the previous Mayor allocated to tackle the […]