Guest Blog: Haydn Young – How to engage your Board in 5 steps

Engaging the Board around sustainability is a key challenge for sustainability professionals.

Guest Blog: Haydn Young – Communication lessons from President Trump

What useful lessons can we learn from his communication style?

Guest Blog: Haydn Young – Communications lessons from the London Marathon

How can you sell your message to those that you need to engage?

Ofgem scraps rulebook on supplier-customer contact

Ofgem is planning to scrap “prescriptive” rules on how energy suppliers must communicate with their customers. In an open letter to industry stakeholders, the regulator says it plans to reform the rules relating to what, when and how it expects suppliers to communicate with customers. It suggests relying more on principles rather than detailed rules, […]

Learn from Scotland says National Grid boss

The energy sector and politicians in England and Wales should learn lessons from Scotland when it comes communication with the public. That’s the view of National Grid boss Steve Holliday who said the time for action is now and the sector needs to convince the public of the changes in infrastructure needed to build our […]

We need to talk more during a nuclear crisis, say regulators

Countries around the world need to talk more in times of nuclear crisis, according to a group of nuclear regulators who met last week. They said the triple meltdown at Japan’s Fukushima nuclear power plant last year highlighted the need to boost communications. Senior officials from nuclear regulatory organisations and stakeholders from 25 countries and […]