Could hydropower be swing in the wrong direction for carbon?

Hydroelectric dams in the Amazon could be increasing carbon emissions by allowing vines to outnumber trees. Researchers from the University of Stirling claim vines called lianas, which have been popularised as Tarzan’s favourite form of transport, are much better suited than trees to adapting to the ‘forest fragmentation’ caused by the supposedly clean form of […]

Dam it! Reservoirs are trapping CO2

Man-made dams and reservoirs could be major drivers of environmental change. That’s according to a new study conducted by researchers at the University of Waterloo and the Université libre de Bruxelles, which suggests blocking rivers is having significant impacts on the world’s carbon cycle and climate. The report says dammed reservoirs trap nearly one-fifth of […]

Tribal chief and Siemens CEO to discuss hydro dams

An Amazonian chief has met with Siemens’ bosses to convince them to scrap plans for hydroelectric dams. General Chief Arnaldo Kaba Munduruku and Senior Advisor Ademir Kaba Munduruku traveled from the Tapajos Valley in the Amazon rainforest to Surrey for the discussion. They showed photographs of damage they claim was caused by previous Siemens-supplied dams […]