£7bn recycling sector “under threat”

The UK’s multi-billion pound recycling industry is “under threat” from energy policies with too much emphasis on renewable energy, alleges a waste management firm. Remsol’s paper released yesterday suggests fossil fuels including shale gas will be necessary to keep the £7bn recycling sector turning. Arguing there is a “limit” to what wind, wave and solar power can do to meet recycling’s energy […]

UK ‘not serious’ about energy efficiency

The UK is “very bad” at implementing energy efficiency measures and is “not serious” about it, an MP told ELN. Dan Byles, Member of Parliament’s Energy Select Committee made the comment at the launch of Carbon Connect’s inquiry into the future of heat for buildings. With the UK heat sector accounting for nearly half of […]

Heat is the ‘Cinderella’ of energy industry

The heat sector in the UK “is in some ways the ‘Cinderella’ part” of the energy industry. That’s the view of Dan Byles MP, Member of the Energy and Climate Change Select Committee, who believes although heat is a “huge part” of the nation’s energy use, it hasn’t been given as much attention as the […]

MPs lobby group denies fracking funding

The All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Unconventional Oil and Gas has rubbished claims it is entirely funded by the fracking industry and run by fracking lobbyists. In a recent article, the Private Eye magazine said since the launch of the Group in February this year, it has received £25,000 from “a bunch of firms” […]

“I love shale gas” – Davey confirms again

Energy Secretary Ed Davey confirmed again his backing for fracking by declaring “I love shale gas” today. Speaking at a reception for the all party parliamentary group for unconventional oil and gas which has formed in the last year, the minister described a “whole government effort” to exploit shale gas in the UK. Although early […]