Developer ‘pauses’ Cambo oil field development

The Chief Executive of the developer company said they will “evaluate the next steps” of the project

Shell wins court case over use of seismic tests in whale breeding areas

Environmental groups had opposed the deployment of the technology in South Africa’s eastern coastline

UK must allow new oil and gas fields or face future shortages, trade body says

OGUK said blocking oil and gas projects would leave consumers more exposed to soaring energy bills

National Grid: IFA interconnector back in full service from December 2022

The power link will return back to service in two phases

EU fossil fuel dependency rises as energy use falls

EU dependency on fossil fuel imports is rising as energy consumption falls. That’s according to a new release of 2015’s fuel figures from Eurostat, which shows European energy consumption reached a total of 1,626 million tonnes of oil equivalent (Mtoe). This means energy use was 2.5% less than in 1990 and down 11.6% from its peak of almost 1,840Mtoe in 2006. The report shows fossil fuel use […]

Energy efficiency helped EU save $27bn on imports

The European Union saved $27 billion (£22bn) on energy imports last year, thanks to energy efficiency. The EU Commission will therefore now focus on the sectors that have the biggest potential, such as the building industry “which accounts for an inefficient 40% of our energy consumption”. Speaking at an event in Brussels, Arias Canete, European Commissioner […]

EU imported more than half of energy use in 2014

The European Union was dependent on energy imports for more than half of its consumption in 2014. The energy dependency of Member States stood at 53.4% during that period, according to latest figures from Eurostat, the EU’s statistical office. It was higher than in 1990 but “slightly lower” than its highest point recorded in 2008, […]

US energy imports hit two-decade low in 2013

Total US energy imports plunged to its lowest level last year in more than 20 years, it has been revealed. According to the US Energy Information Administration (EIA), energy imports were down 19% in 2013 from 2012. while total crude oil production grew 15% last year, leading to a 12% decrease in imports. “Growth in […]