Egyptian solar and wind to boost Britain’s energy supply

Britain plans to import electricity generated by solar and wind farms in Egypt through subsea cables connecting the country with Europe

Britain will reportedly import electricity generated by solar and wind farms located in the sun-soaked landscapes of Egypt.

The project entails the installation of subsea cables that will connect Egypt and Europe via the Mediterranean, enabling the export of solar and wind power from North Africa to the UK and the rest of Europe.

The initiative is expected to be announced during an upcoming energy summit that will take place in London this week.

The project is set to transmit energy generated by North African solar and wind farms, equivalent to 10GW, to Greece and the rest of Europe via a 965-kilometre cable.

The £3.7 billion project is a collaboration between the Copelouzos Group and Infinity, with a focus on tapping into North Africa’s renewable energy potential.

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