Internal combustion engine
Could microwaves cut engine emissions?

Micro Wave Ignition suggests replacing spark plugs with its innovative new ignition system could reduce fuel consumption

Volvo lent €600m for fuel efficiency research

A €600 million (£509m) loan agreement between an EU bank and a Volvo Group subsidiary to making its engines more fuel efficient has been completed. The financing will be used by Volvo Treasury AB Sweden for research, development and innovation (RDI) investments in fuel efficiency and safety related to trucks, buses and construction equipment. It […]

Brighton Uni gets £1m to develop ultra-efficient engines

A £1 million grant to develop ultra-efficient engines and fuels has been awarded to the University of Brighton. It is leading a four-university research project to find ways to achieve a 20-33% reduction in fuel usage, using new fuels from sustainable sources. The new engines would help vehicles produce “near-zero emissions”, researchers said. Dr Robert […]

$9m US grant for firms to cut fleets’ diesel emissions

American firms with fleets of diesel engines can apply for funding from a $9 million (£5.8m) pot to begin new projects to reduce emissions. The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) made the announcement as part of the National Clean Diesel Funding Assistance (DERA) programme, which aims to improve air quality by reducing pollution and saving […]