E.ON posts record net loss of €16bn

German utility E.ON has posted a net loss of €16 billion (£14bn) for 2016, its largest so far. That’s due to costs related to the spin-off of fossil generation unit Uniper as well as the company having to cover the cost of disposing and storing Germany’s nuclear waste. However, the firm states the balance sheet […]

Big Six energy supplier E.ON appoints new chief

E.ON UK has appointed Michael Lewis as its new head. He will take on his new role from April 10th, succeeding Tony Cocker, who has decided to retire from the Big Six company to pursue a portfolio career at the end of July. Mr Cocker has worked for the supplier for more than 20 years […]

E.ON launches four smart meter pilot projects

E.ON has launched four pilot smart meter projects in Germany. Several hundred E.ON customers in Fehmarn, Rugen, Saxony-Anhalt and Lower Bavaria are participating in the scheme, which aims to prepare for the mandatory roll out of intelligent metering systems in autumn. The smart meters relay the customer’s energy usage back to E.ON every quarter of […]

E.ON invests in fuel cell heat and power

E.ON has announced it is investing in a fuel cell company from Munich, Germany. Elcore’s technology has been installed and successfully used in hundreds of  buildings over a two-year period, showcasing the technology is fully developed and economically viable. E.ON is now signing contracts to provide these households with carbon neutral natural biogas, which it claims allows the fuel cell to generate power […]

E.ON increases energy prices by 8.8%

E.ON has announced its dual fuel standard variable tariffs will increase by 8.8% from next month. It will come into effect from April 26th, taking the energy bill up to £1,144 a year and affecting 2.5 million customers. The Big Six supplier claims it is the first increase in standard variable prices in more than […]

E.ON to build 20MW battery unit in Texas

E.ON has announced it will build a 20MW energy storage unit in Texas. The move comes as the firm increasingly strives to establish itself as an energy storage provider for the US market. Project Texas Waves forms the next step in E.ON’s industrial-scale battery business expansion – it will be made up of two batteries, […]

E.ON and Radission Blu to slash emissions overnight

E.ON has partnered with Radisson Blu to create a low-emission hotel in Frankfurt. The energy firm has installed an industrial scale fuel cell in the building which is expected to generate around three GWh of electricity and two GWh of heat. With more than 400 rooms and suites, the hotel has enormous energy needs, which had previously been covered entirely by the […]

Europe set for ultra-fast EV charge points

New ultra-fast charging stations for electric vehicles (EVs) are set to be rolled out across Europe under a new partnership. Energy company E.ON and e-Mobility service provider CLEVER have joined forces with the aim of installing “several hundred” charging points every 120-180 kilometres along motorways. They hope to create a coherent pan-European charging network that […]

E.ON launches new business unit for EV charging stations

German utility E.ON has announced the creation of a new business unit to develop and expand electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure in Europe. It will join strong partners to provide EV drivers a “comprehensive” range of services. That includes the installation of more charging points several locations and offering the customer tailor-made products such as an opportunity to […]

German utilities win compensation claims over nuclear exit

Germany’s highest court has paved the way for utilities to claim compensation over the government’s abrupt decision to shut down several nuclear power stations in 2011. E.ON, RWE and Vattenfall filed lawsuits over various government policies, including the decision to phase out nuclear power by 2022. E.ON said it had invested “several hundred million euros” […]