From the archive – Can frozen air help store energy?

Today we look back to 2012 when ELN looked into using frozen air to help store energy

No trucking way! Frozen air to power commercial van

The power of frozen air is to be harnessed in trucks – in an engine containing liquid nitrogen. Last week its developers won a grant from the Technology Strategy Board, the UK’s innovation agency, to build and test their liquid air engine fitted in a commercial vehicle. A group made up of the Dearman Engine […]

Should energy storage get public subsidy?

ELN’s Reporter Priyanka Shrestha talks to industry experts about energy storage technology and its future in the UK’s green economy.

The Editor’s View

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World first ‘frozen air’ storage goes commercial

Generating energy from the air we breathe is now a step closer as the world’s first pilot plant for liquid energy storage (LAES) has been commercialised. Designed by a British firm, the new process has only been tested at the pilot plant in Slough but it could now spread after getting a vote of confidence […]

Can frozen air help store energy?

World’s first plant in Slough could herald energy revolution