Local Government Association declares official climate emergency

The organisation, which represents local government across England and Wales has said drastic action must be taken to avoid ‘runaway global warming and climate breakdown’

Eat less meat to help tackle climate change, says UN

Meat and dairy production and consumption are driving an increase in greenhouse gas emissions, land degradation and deforestation

Climate change ‘increasing the level of toxic mercury in fish’

New research suggests increasing sea temperatures can increase human exposure to toxic chemicals, through consumption of seafood such as cod, tuna and swordfish

UK public demands government shows leadership on tackling climate change

A series of citizens’ juries and assemblies held on the topic of slowing emissions and avoiding environmental destruction said issues such as Brexit are taking up too much of politicians’ time

Climate change ‘will strip nutrients out of food’

Researchers predict hotter temperatures and the presence of more greenhouse gases in the air will diminish agricultural productivity

Extinction Rebellion block entrance of East London concrete works

Activists claim the environmental impacts of concrete production are at odds with the UK’s commitment to tackle climate change

Extinction Rebellion launches new wave of boat-based protests across the UK

The environmental activists have blocked busy roads and bridges in in Bristol, Cardiff, Glasgow, Leeds and London with brightly painted yachts

Fifth of global cities ‘to experience unprecedented climate conditions by 2050’

A new study from the Crowther Lab suggests nearly 80% of cities will experience dramatic heat and weather changes by this time

Climate change: Heat stress could destroy 80m jobs and cost $2.4bn a year

The International Labour Organisation warns construction and agricultural workers – especially women – will be most affected

‘Climate apartheid’ will see millions of world’s poorest severely impacted

A UN Special Rapporteur has warned if current climate targets are met, tens of millions of people will be impoverished, leading to widespread displacement and hunger