Global warming of just 2°C ‘won’t be n-ice for the Antarctic’

Researchers at Imperial College London warn the East Antarctic Ice Sheet would be severely affected

Philanthropist groups pledge $459m to stop deforestation

The announcement roughly doubles the funds the groups currently dedicate to forest protection

People in coastal areas ‘need to seriously consider relocation’

An Associate Professor at Bournemouth University says climate adaptation is not always a viable solution

Could climate change threaten Belgian beer?

Rising temperatures in Brussels risk making Lambic beer production unsustainable

Rising sea temperatures force Vattenfall to close reactor in Sweden

The energy giant said the decision to close part of the Ringhals nuclear plant was caused by “unusual” circumstances

Could climate change kill the internet?

Researchers say rising water levels could damage vital communications cables buried underground

Young people ‘don’t think adults are doing enough on climate change’

Around 80% would also like renewables to be the largest component in the future electricity mix

Government ‘must tackle emissions from fridges, asthma inhalers and air conditioners’

It says this could help slow global warming by as much as 0.5°C

UK to seek advice from Committee on Climate Change to cut emissions

The request is likely to be made following the publication of a special report by the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change in October

Oceans reach highest temperatures on record in 2017

  The world’s oceans rose to the highest temperatures on record in 2017. Chinese experts found the upper 2,000m of ocean water were far more warmer last year than the previous hottest year in 2015. The Institute of Atmospheric Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (IAP CAS) said in comparison, total electricity generation in […]