Could gas from grass be UK’s green solution?

Nearly every home in the UK could be heated with carbon-neutral gas from grass by 2035. Ecotricity’s new report suggests powering 97% of homes with grass would pump £7.5 billion into the economy each year and create 150,000 jobs. The green supplier believes it would make the UK energy-independent and negate the need for fracking. It has […]

The power of grass

Scientists have found a way to produce hydrogen from grass. A team of UK researchers, including experts from Cardiff University, have shown significant amounts of the gas can be made using just sunlight and a cheap nickel catalyst. Through a process called photocatalysis, they found the cellulose in garden grass can be used to create […]

Grass to gas – UK’s answer to fracking?

A plant that turns grass to gas could be the UK’s “antidote to fracking”, according to a green energy provider. Ecotricity said it will roll out the new way of generating gas in Britain following several years of research and development. The ‘Green Gas Mills’ will use grass from farms in local areas to produce […]