Independent green generators supply 7.6% of UK power

Independent renewable generators currently supply 7.6% of UK power demand. The total green capacity from independent generators is almost 11GW, which is 40% of the country’s green power, a new report from SmartestEnergy revealed. It added more than 5,400 renewable projects were developed last year, providing around £1 billion of electricity – enough energy to power more than 6.2 […]

’£1.1m invested in independent renewable energy every day’

Businesses, farmers and communities invested more than £400 million – or £1.1 million a day – in independent renewable energy projects last year. That’s according to a new report, which revealed the projects – a total of 1,619 – included wind turbines, solar and on-site generation plants. The average investment was £258,000 – down from […]

Scotland’s oil industry ‘will thrive with independence’

Scotland’s oil and gas industry will “prosper and thrive with fiscal and regulatory stability” if the nation is independent, Energy Minister Fergus Ewing said. The Scottish Government would enhance the existing tax regime in a bid to maximise oil and gas recovery and increase North Sea development, “something UK Governments have failed to commit to”, […]