James Summerbell explains what matters to an end user

James Summerbell, ex TESCO energy manager tells the audience at our TELCA 2015 Roadshows what an energy end user wants from a TPI. Hear his views on how smaller consultants and brokers can still pitch to a big company and why trust matters more than ever.

Tesco’s energy procurement expert at EL2013

The head of group energy buying at Tesco is joining the line-up at the Energy Live 2013 conference this November. James Summerbell started his career in energy at London Electricity where he held a number of finance positions across several business units. He then joined the newly-formed Corporate Finance team following the takeover of the […]

Tesco energy buyer fears policy “out of control”

ELN reporter Vicky Ellis talks to Tesco’s Head of Energy Buying about which of Government’s energy policies need bringing under control and asks how much of a burden (or a boon) energy efficiency can be.