Low carbon jet fuel nears take-off

A company has produced jet fuel for Virgin Atlantic by fermenting waste gas from steel mills. Called ‘Lanzanol’, the commercially viable low carbon fuel has passed all initial performance tests and is expected to result in carbon savings of 65% compared to conventional jet fuel. The low carbon fuel was developed in collaboration with the Pacific Northwest […]

Tobacco turned into jet fuel

A newly developed type of energy-rich tobacco plant could be turned into sustainable jet fuel. The novel technique means plants could find another use than as cigarettes and cigars. US aviation firm Boeing announced this week it is working on a project with South African Airways and Dutch green jet fuel firm SkyNRG to create […]

EU researchers produce world’s first ‘solar’ jet fuel

The world’s first “solar” jet fuel has successfully been produced by researchers as part of an EU-funded project. Called SOLAR-JET, it aims to demonstrate a carbon-neutral path for producing aviation fuel in an economically viable way. Researchers have shown the entire production chain for renewable kerosene using simulated sunlight as a high-temperature energy source. Concentrated […]

‘Record high’ use of petroleum globally in 2012

The world’s consumption of petroleum products reached a “record high” last year despite a decline in usage in North America and Europe. The Energy Information Administration (EIA) revealed 88.9 million barrels of gas, diesel, jet fuel, heating oil and other petroleum products were used per day in 2012 as growth in Asia outpaced European and […]

We’ll ground planes in winter to save fuel again – Ryanair

Budget airline Ryanair intends to ground some of its planes in winter again to save jet fuel, it said this week. After keeping 80 aircraft from flying over the winter months last year it plans to ground around 60 in the coming winter. The airline says fuel costs in the year running up to March […]

High-flying execs pressure United Airlines for green commitments

You might thing high-flying executives are more likely to demand a martini in first class – but a group of American execs are calling on their airline to be good to the environment. North American airlines have historically been stubborn in the face of environmental regulation both from federal government and abroad. The EU’s move to bring […]

Aviation biofuels costs to be competitive by 2020

The price of aviation biofuels could be at a competitive rate within the next decade, new research suggests. According to Bloomberg New Energy Finance, the cost of some biofuels based on non-food vegetable oils such as soybean and rapeseed could match the price of conventional jet fuel by 2018. The research also suggests that airlines […]

Qantas in biofuel plant talks

Australian airline Qantas is said to be on the brink of signing a deal to build a biofuel plant in Australia to power its aircraft. Qantas is in talks with US-based company Solena, which is also in negotiations with easyJet, Ryanair and Aer Lingus about building a similar facility in Dublin. Solena last year clinched […]