DECC proposes new way to measure fuel poverty

The Government today proposed a new way to measure fuel poverty following concerns the current measurement was not properly helping out people at risk. Professor John Hills from the London School of Economics had suggested the Government to change the definition earlier this year as he said it wasn’t fit for purpose. At the moment […]

Fuel poverty measurements are flawed, says Prof

The way we measure fuel poverty is flawed and “unhelpful”, according to an independent report commissioned by the Government. Professor John Hills of the London School of Economics believes efforts to counter fuel poverty with various government policies such as the Warm Front and the Green Deal are hindered and “distorted” by how we measure […]

Report claims winter deaths could be linked to higher bills

More people are dying in winter, probably because of living in fuel poverty, an independent report has claimed. The Hills review says that households in or on the margins of poverty faced extra costs to keep warm above those for typical households. Professor John Hills was commissioned by the Government to examine how serious a […]