‘One-third of customers considering energy supplier switch’

Nearly half of energy customers are willing to explore energy-saving time of use tariffs, according to a new survey

‘Europe may need to cut gas demand by 55bcm to mitigate supply risks’

Europe has utilised almost all of its short-term energy efficiency possibilities, leaving it susceptible to a “considerable” risk of further reduction in Russian piped gas, according to a report

Global power consumption ‘to almost double by 2050’

A new report predicts half of global power generation will come from renewables by 2035

Twice as many CEOs say sustainability is top priority – survey

Twice as many CEOs in 2014 see sustainability as their top priority than two years ago. A new survey by McKinsey found 13% of CEOs saw it as their most important priority as opposed to 5% in 2012. The online survey run in February 2014 polled 3,344 executives across different regions, industries and company sizes. […]

Solar industry expected to enjoy stability after “growing pains”

It may seem like the solar industry had died an early death, but a new report from consultants McKinsey claims it is simply a lull before the industry enters a more stable phase of maturity. ‘Solar power: Darkest before dawn’ finds that underlying PV costs are likely to continue to drop as manufacturing capacity doubles […]