New app allows customers to report power cuts

People can also take photos of any damage to the power network and send them directly to Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks

Decarbonisation ‘could threaten European network stability’

Decarbonisation could threaten Europe’s energy networks by changing business models, introducing disruptive technology and requiring new regulations. That’s according to a new report published by research group Moody’s, which says these changes could undermine network operators and their credit quality. The report suggests large scale operators in particular may be slow to adapt to the […]

Oil recycling to save UK network operator £32m

A team of engineers’ new oil recycling process is expected to help a network power operator save around £32 million. Electricity North West is the only network operator with a dedicated oil reprocessing plant in the UK. The facility recycles 1.5 million litres of oil – enough to fill four swimming pools every year – […]