US court blocks Trump’s fuel efficiency penalties delay

The regulation will be more than double the amount of fines for carmakers

US court blocks Trump’s rollback of methane rules

A US appeals court has rebuked the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for suspending methane emissions regulations while it reviewed the rule. Earlier this year, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt said he would delay the deadline by 90 days for oil and gas companies to follow the new rule so the agency could reconsider the measure. A […]

US clean energy revolution ‘irrevocably underway’

The transition to a clean energy economy in the US is “irrevocably underway and is delivering deep pollution reductions”. That’s the view of the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), which states coal use in the country is at record low levels but green energy is “higher than ever”. In a report, it states one eighth […]

Is biomass dirtier and costlier for coal phase out?

Biomass plants could be leading to more emissions and be more expensive than wind and solar for replacing coal power in the UK. That’s according to new analysis, which suggests the UK should go with wind and solar as they are the least-cost way to ensure decarbonisation and security of supply as it closes coal-fired […]