P272 code changes could save businesses thousands

ELEXON reissues guidance on who should fall under the scheme following a campaign by brokers

What are you going to do with all that data?

With the introduction of P272 in April this year, what are businesses going to do with all the extra data from their newly classified half-hourly (HH) meters? HH meters will provide businesses with electricity consumption data every half hour, which means having much more data than you’ve ever had before. For some this valuable data […]

P272 Taking the benefits of smart metering

There’s important news for industrial and commercial energy consumers………………… Many companies with high energy consumption are now required to use smart metering that provides a half-hourly (HH) measurement. The smart meters are provided by the energy suppliers. Most of these corporate users currently use estimated (NHH) measurements. What is P272? Ofgem Proposal 272 will require […]

The clock is ticking on P272

As of 1st April 2017 the new half-hourly (HH) settlement code, P272, will be complete allowing all 05-08 customers to see their energy usage in more detail than ever before.  Alan Davidson, Head of Commercial Energy at ScottishPower, gives an overview of what you need to know and the benefits P272 will bring to your […]

Guest Blog: Dave Cockshott – P272: mitigating the cost and maximising the opportunity

P272 comes into force in under six months, but many of the 160,000 affected businesses are yet to be transferred across to mandatory half hourly billing and settlement. Many suppliers have taken the decision to wait until the April 2017 deadline to switch across all affected customers; other organisations have not yet had to renew […]

What does the p272 legislation mean for my business?

There are significant changes afoot for business energy customers – you might want to make a note in your calendar for 1st April 2017. With the introduction of p272 legislation, your electricity bill is about to get a lot more complicated. Over 100,000 business owners will be affected by the changes to business electricity billing. […]

Firms could be paying ‘significantly more’ for P272

Businesses are being urged to shop around to find the best deal to comply with the P272 legislation. It is a mandatory industry change that affects more than 100,000 businesses in the UK and is aimed at ensuring accurate billing. The legislation affects those organisations with meters in the 05 to 08 profile class, which […]

Detective work uncovers P272 advantages

Sherlock Holmes says the world is full of obvious things that nobody ever observes – like the opportunity Utilitywise has uncovered simply by choosing the right tariff type. It took some detective work but eventually cost-savings were dragged out of the complexity and confusion cast between pass-through tariffs and all-inclusive tariffs. Also known as a […]

Inenco More Than Y Report – 23rd June 2015 – P272

Are you ready for P272? Will it affect your meters and what does it mean for your business?

‘Shop around and save £116m on energy metering’

Businesses could save as much as £116 million a year by shopping around for energy meter operators and data collection contractors. That’s according to energy consultants Inenco, which is calling on firms to be wary of the cost implications of the mandatory industry-wide change to the P272. Under Ofgem’s regulation, all businesses using electricity meters […]