UK Government to slash emissions by 32% before 2020

The UK Government plans to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by at least 32% by 2020, down from a 2010 baseline. It also aims to reduce the number of domestic business flights by at least 30%, reduce the amount of waste going to landfill to less than 10% and slash paper use by at least […]

Foresty firm goes green with emissions targets

A forestry products company has set ambitious greenhouse gas reduction goals. Renewable materials firm Stora Enso claims it is the first business of its kind to set science-based targets to make its entire value chain more sustainable. The commitment, which has been approved by the Science Based Targets initiative, will see the company aim to […]

‘Better energy efficiency vital to hit Paris targets’

Improvements in energy efficiency are vital if the UK is to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement. These improvements can be made in three broad ways, according to a report from The Economist Intelligence Unit – by raising awareness, offering more financial incentives and by stepping up regulations. The research and advisory group suggests […]

Paris Agreement parties ‘need to cut emissions even further’

Countries need to step up their emissions reduction pleges if the world is to meet the target of limiting global temperature rise to well below 2°C. Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) said existing pledges “do not bring the world even close to the two degree target” and there is an “urgent and critically important” […]

US colleges cut coal use by 2m tonnes since 2008

Educational institutions in the US cut coal use from two million tonnes in 2008 to 700,000 tonnes in 2015. Coal consumption fell in each of the 57 colleges and universities that used the fuel in 2008, with 20 of these institutions cutting it out of their energy mix completely, according to the Energy Information Administration […]

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