Seoul whitens up the skyline

Seoul has launched a campaign to paint its city roofs with thermal-barrier paint to boost energy efficiency. In the summer, roofs absorb heat which leads to temperatures increasing inside buildings, causing air conditioning units to operate inefficiently. Thermal-barrier white paint works to block heat from increasing and makes the building cooler naturally. The campaign “Cool […]

Are solar rooftops secret goldmines for business?

 Rooftops will no longer be the sole domain of cat burglars and romantic téte a tétes – they’re also about to become a solar energy goldmine. At least, that’s the hope of ministers who today brought out the Government’s first ever solar strategy with plans to slap solar panels on thousands of government buildings, factories […]

Government turning roofs into sun power plants

Thousands of government buildings, hospitals, factories, supermarkets and car parks around the UK are to get solar panels under the Government’s new solar strategy launched today. Even the Ministry of Defence will have panels slapped on its offices as ministers aim to turn the nation’s rooftops into power stations, including 1GW of solar PV on […]

Solar firm eyes up business rooftops

Solar power firm Lightsource Renewable Energy is planning to offer a new ‘one-stop-shop’ to roof owners wanting solar panels. It announced today it has bought the engineering team from another renewable energy company so it can expand its own business. Customers will be offered a choice between chipping in to the project themselves or a […]

Walmart installs eight more solar arrays at US stores

Asda’s owner Walmart has announced the completion of eight new PV projects in Massachusetts – expanding its solar footprint in the country. Almost 10,000 panels have been installed on the rooftops of eight of the US supermarket giant’s stores, which are expected to generate a total of 2.8 million kWh and cut more than 1,400 […]